Curry builds Warriors dynasty

Although the Warriors have only been known to everyone in recent seasons, in fact, this team has a long history of leading the league with multiple records.

For example, the first NBA championship trophy came from the Warriors. Secondly, in the 2006-07 season, the Warriors staged a rare “Black Eight Miracles” in history. The record 73 wins in the season were also done by the Warriors.Röd Barn Washington Capitals Tröjor

The reason why the Warriors have been all-powerful in recent years is because they have an epoch-making star – Stephen Curry.ishockeytröja barn

Today’s league has been very different from the past, the inside confrontation, the physical collision of the game, all of which have been completely changed because of Curry.

More and more teams have begun to pay attention to the cultivation of outside shooters. If they want to make a difference in the fierce playoffs, they need to have outside guarantees as the team’s scoring point.

It has to be said that Curry made the Warriors what they are today, and the Warriors changed the NBA landscape.

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