Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has confidence in head coach Mike McCarthy

The Dallas Cowboys have a high fan base, and the team’s cheerleading team is also deeply loved by fans. The Dallas Cowboys are still chasing a championship, and team owner Jerry Jones has confidence in head coach Mike McCarthy. He believes in coach Mike McCarthy’s ability to lead the team to the Super Bowl, and Jerry Jones hopes the Dallas Cowboys jersey will be held high in the championship parade after the new season.

Last season, the NFL pitted the defending champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers against the Dallas Cowboys in the opener for more ratings. There were a lot of spectators for the game, and everyone was looking forward to last season’s opener. It was also legendary quarterback Tom Brady’s second season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but they were eliminated in the playoffs. The Dallas Cowboys were similarly unsuccessful last season, with the Los Angeles Rams winning the championship. The Dallas Cowboys have been drafted into the league opener of the new season, and their opponent is no longer the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers jersey No. 12 will begin his third season with quarterback Tom Brady, who the Dallas Cowboys still see as a formidable opponent.

On Tuesday, the Dallas Cowboys’ training camp officially began, and the ability of the team’s head coach Mike McCarthy was called into question. But Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is very supportive of head coach Mike McCarthy’s work, believing him to be the best candidate for the team’s head coach. Previously, head coach Mike McCarthy led the Dallas Cowboys to the playoffs. Unfortunately, the team lost to the San Francisco 49ers and was eliminated. At present, there are still some teams in the league without a head coach, and head coach candidates are scarce talents in the league.

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