Depay will continue to play for Barcelona

The transfer market is about to close, and there is no news about Depay’s transfer from Barcelona. The player himself has maintained a calm attitude and has not taken any action.

It seems that Depay will continue to wear the Barcelona jersey. Considering that the negotiations with Juventus have broken down, and the Premier League club has been slow to move, Depay can only wait.

For Depay, who is wearing a cheap jersey, staying at Barcelona may be the best choice. After all, the offers outside are not so satisfactory. And Depay still has a certain position in Xavi’s tactics. The possible departure of Aubameyang and the possible loan of Aboud allow Depay to stay and get opportunities.

At the same time, Depay’s participation in the 2022 Qatar World Cup is also inevitable. He is the undisputed first-choice scorer in Van Gaal’s tactics.

So for Depay, doing nothing and choosing to stay at Barcelona may be the best. He has only one year left on his contract with Barcelona, and he can leave the team freely after the contract expires next year.

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