Guo Ailun missed joining European and American leagues

According to reports, among the three teams that offered Guo Ailun, there are no European and American teams, which means that Guo Ailun will not be able to play in the NBA or some top European leagues next season.

This result is actually predictable. Judging from Guo Ailun’s current strength, he is considered the top in China and even in Asia, but there is still a certain gap from the NBA. It is really unrealistic to want to enter the NBA.

In addition, from the point of view of playing style, Guo Ailun is more inclined to individual offense, while European basketball focuses on the team. Under such circumstances, it should be normal that no European team chooses him.

After missing the European and American leagues, fans must have focused their attention on the Australian league, but imagine that he is unlikely to join the NBL. The Australian league focuses on physical confrontation. It can be seen from the previous matches against them in the preliminaries that Guo Ailun It still seems a little disadvantageous in physical confrontation.

To keep Guo Ailun, the relationship between the two parties can be slowly repaired in the future!

Where do you think Guo Ailun will go next season?

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