Hull City are great at developing players

Hull City has undoubtedly disappeared from view over the years. But their successful transfer strategy is truly admirable, at least when it comes to selling players. Tiger City are one of the few lift clubs who have gone up and down in the Premier League and Championship over the years.

Their lowest point came in 2020-21, when a poor record saw them relegated to League One. But they are now back in the Championship and hope to be consistent over the next few seasons.

Despite this roller coaster ride, Tiger City have to say they have a good transfer strategy, especially when it comes to sales. More recently, they have helped develop several top players and then sold them off for a sizable fee.

Striker Keane-Lewis-Porter has become the latest such player to make a club-record £16m move to Premier League Brentford.

Andy Robertson has not only become a Premier League star, but the Scot has also become one of the best left-backs in world football and captain of the Scottish national team.

He spent three seasons at Hull before moving to Anfield – two in the Premier League and one in the Championship. His early Premier League experience was at Tiger City, but much of his progress is due to Liverpool and Klopp.

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