Man Utd, Chelsea scramble for De Jong

The fact that Barcelona owes wages because De Jong’s transfer is well known, and their troubles are still to come.

Previously, it was reported that Barcelona could not complete the registration of new players and the team asked Pique and Busquets to take another pay cut. These problems are the troubles Barcelona is currently facing, and they cannot be easily solved.

According to media reports, Barcelona is currently 150 million euros away from completing the player registration. They can only sell De Jong, and they must sell De Jong.Vit Real Madrid hemmatröja för barn

Fortunately, as one of the best midfielders in Europe’s younger generation, De Jong has no shortage of next players, at least Manchester United and Chelsea are willing to pay.Chelsea Hemma tröja 2022

At present, Barcelona owes De Jong a total of about 20 million euros. Judging from their current financial situation, there is almost no way to solve this problem. Even if there is, they are not willing to give priority to solving this problem. They are more willing to solve this problem this year. The Dutch midfielder was sold in the summer.

After all, De Jong is one of Barcelona’s most valuable players right now, and one of the few that can be sold.

Earlier, well-known football journalist Romano reported that Manchester United had reached an agreement with Barcelona, ​​but since De Jong did not accept the transfer, the deal could not be completed, which gave Chelsea a chance to steal from Manchester United.

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