Manchester United willing to end contract early

Ten Hag became Manchester United’s coach, and the team is going to play the Europa League this season, Cristiano Ronaldo really hopes that he will leave Manchester United in the summer window. Mendes sold Ronaldo to major European teams at the Champions League level and his willingness to join with a pay cut, but in the end, no Champions League team made a formal offer for Ronaldo.billige fotballsko

For Manchester United, the summer window hopes to sell Cristiano Ronaldo and recover part of the transfer fee. Now this situation will be changed. Manchester United executives will allow Cristiano Ronaldo to leave the team as a free agent in the winter window without paying any transfer fee, but only if the two sides terminate the contract amicably. The contract will be terminated at the end of this season, and Ronaldo will be allowed to return to freedom.Adidas PČervenéator Tango 18+

It is reported that Ronaldo’s weekly salary at Manchester United is 510,000 pounds, which is the highest salary in the Premier League. If Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester United terminate the contract amicably, then Cristiano Ronaldo can put down the burden of high salary and help the Portuguese superstar find a new team, but Cristiano Ronaldo will lose a lot of salary.

Now the problem is on Cristiano Ronaldo’s side. The Portuguese either accept Ten Hag’s tactical arrangement, accept the rotation, and fulfill the existing contract after playing this season; or Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester United will terminate the contract amicably ahead of time and look for a new team in the winter window. No team wanted Cristiano Ronaldo in the summer window, and now the restoration of freedom in the winter window will help Cristiano Ronaldo find a new team.

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