Many NBA stars attended Draymond Green’s wedding

Draymond Green has always been the bad guy in the game, often underwhelming his opponents during the game. This is a technique he uses against other teams, and he uses his own way to influence the opponent’s mentality during the game. Wedding star Draymond Green, however, swapped the Golden State Warriors jersey for a good-looking suit.Curry same jersey

Draymond Green influences NBA opponents while also helping them promote their products after games. He is a valuable friend off the court, which is nothing like what he does on the court. If fans had friends like Draymond Green, would they be comfortable with it? Draymond Green has been in the NBA for a decade and has been a bad guy ever since he got his chance with the Golden State Warriors. He’s one of the opponent’s least favorite players in the game, and he’s stuck with that image. Draymond Green was more excited against big stars, and LeBron James was one of the stars he abused during the game.Dirt resistant jersey

The way LeBron James challenges Draymond Green is inevitable. LeBron James can’t forget Draymond Green’s heavy foul in the game, and the latter’s suspension. Fortunately, Draymond Green didn’t tear up LeBron’s James jersey, and Bradley Beal wasn’t so lucky. Draymond Green’s performance on the court has made many NBA players happy, but there are still many stars off the court blessing him.

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