Philadelphia Eagles win 8-game winning streak for the first time in franchise history

After the Philadelphia Eagles successfully defeated the Houston Texans, the team created an 8-game winning streak for the first time in franchise history. These Philadelphia Eagles fans haven’t been this excited since the 2017 championship. Philadelphia Eagles jerseys recently returned to the online store, with most buyers in their 30s. These are loyal fans who have watched the Philadelphia Eagles grow up and are excited to see the team rise again.Maillot Philadelphia Eagles 2022

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hertz has come a long way after two years of playing. Initially, Jaren Hertz was just a backup quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, but he managed to change his fortunes on his own. After gaining the team’s trust, Jalen Hurts switched to the NFL’s No. 1 jersey and worked hard to be a good leader. Jalen Hurts went 21-for-27 for 243 yards in that game, but he was disappointed by his poor performance with four sacks and one turnover.maillot nfl pas cher

Jalen Hurts, 24, doesn’t have enough experience yet, and everyone is looking forward to his development. With wide receivers A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith around, Jalen Hurts believes things can continue. After 4 years, the fans are very happy that the team has achieved good results again.

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