Prospects for the Seattle Krakens

Last season, the Seattle Krakens finished their third-to-last season. They learned their lesson and put the bad things aside. The average number of goals per game last season was not high. After the break, prepare for the start of the new season and change the team’s position in the new season with a better mentality. Of course, they still need to put on the jersey, start from the most basic game, and collect and expand the points step by step.

This season, they must stand out from the crowd and play more decisive balls at the crunch time to change the game and try to make the playoffs. The Seattle Krakens have new faces this offseason, with forward Oliver Bjorkstrand and guard Andre Brakowski, Justin Schultz and goalie Martin Jones arguably beefed up. The team’s overall lineup, and the Kraken’s lineup also took a huge hit. Expectations are also high, and I hope they can once again demonstrate the strong presence of the team and enhance the overall competitiveness.

And the team’s goalkeeper is also very important. More attacking work and more attacking time can reduce the pressure on the goalkeeper and keep the goalkeeper ready to make a save at all times. Last season, Grubauer had the highest save rate of any season. The results are not good, so the overall improvement can improve the whole team. No matter where the Seattle Krakens jerseys stand, they will need to do better in the new season to hold on to themselves. A process that strengthens thinking and action.

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