Rhamondre Stevenson is training hard heading into second season

It has been rough sledding for the Patriots at the NFL Draft in recent years, but the 2021 class is poised to be one of the best that have come through New England in quite some time. One of those second-year players that is looking to build off a promising rookie campaign is running back Rhamondre Stevenson.

The fourth-round pick out of Oklahoma’s introduction to camp last year wasn’t particularly smooth as he arrived out of shape, but after what he dubbed his rookie year to be a “trial run” he’s hit the ground running to begin his sophomore season on a better note.

Those steps have led to Stevenson coming into camp noticeably leaner. He said he’s dropped about seven pounds overall and is carrying “better weight.” The 24-year-old said he checked in to camp this year weighing 225 pounds.

When you consider Stevenson’s starting point and how he has played throughout the 2021 season, there’s a potential cap for him moving forward on a better basis.

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