Rockets rookie meets James for the first time

The Lakers’ superstar forward LeBron James has been one of the most iconic figures in the league for nearly 20 years. Even though James is now almost 38 years old, he is still the biggest star in the NBA – both in terms of strength and in In terms of personal influence, James is one of the most influential active players on the planet.james jersey

At present, the Lakers have given James a 2-year max salary contract, and James readily signed this contract. That said, James will still be playing in the NBA for at least the next two years, until he’s 40. After 2 years, James is very likely to realize the desire of “father and son on the same stage”. For the younger generation of players, James is also one of their idols.

Take the Rockets’ 21-year-old rookie small forward Tarry Eason as an example. Don’t look at Eason’s very calm performance in the summer league. When the idol of love, Ethan is not calm.

Ethan joined NBA stars such as James, Banchero, Murray, Chet, Tatum and other NBA stars to participate in the semi-amateur basketball game hosted by Crawford.los angeles lakers jersey

In this game, James and Rockets rookie Eason became opponents. Although the game was only interrupted in the first half due to the “slippery boss”, James’ performance was very eye-catching in the first half-especially in one round, James dribbled the ball and used his own super The strong force squeezed Ethan, who was defending him, and completed a beautiful dunk to end the first quarter of the game.

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