Rockets to send shooter Wood

Due to the consideration of salary space next summer, the Rockets did not have any major signings in the offseason this summer. Far from bringing in star players, the Rockets even sent away Wood, one of the league’s best big man shooters.

Last season, Wood averaged 17.9 points and 10.2 rebounds per game for the Rockets. The three-point shooting rate was as high as nearly 40%. The Rockets easily sent Wood away. In addition to the starting position for Shen Jingteng, if Wood renews his contract next summer. Asking for a big contract is something the Rockets can’t afford.

So all in all, the Rockets still sent Wood-although they lost a star center temporarily, but in fact, the Rockets did the right thing in the long run.Manchester City Hemma tröja

In order to make up for the shortcomings of the Rockets’ No. 5 position after Wood’s departure, Rafael Stone, the general manager of the Rockets, was not idle. For about half a month, Rafael Stone has been working Find a way to strengthen the inside line for the Rockets.Vit Real Madrid hemmatröja för barn

The Rockets first signed old Fernando with an “Exhibit 10” contract, and then locked center Willie Cauley-Stein with a one-year contract, plus Shen Jing, Smith and Garuba, the Rockets’ center There are enough people to use.

Don’t forget Marjanovic and Chriss of the Mavericks. But the Rockets are not expected to keep Chriss due to surgery immediately after being sent to the Rockets.

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