Roma is really getting stronger and stronger, signings are coming

The third round of the new season of Serie A officially started. Roma became the only team to maintain a complete victory in Serie A in the new season. In this round against Juventus, Juventus actually performed better in the first half. Vlahovic’s goal also gave them an early lead, but Roma began to tighten after Mourinho’s decisive second-half substitution. With Abraham’s goal, Roma drew 1:1 with Juventus and took away a precious 1 point!

One of the biggest highlights of this game is the match between Dybala and his old club, but Dybala’s offensive performance was not good. After Vlahovic scored the first goal, the slow-to-adjust Roma Jen contributed to the average attacking performance of the team’s back line, allowing Roma to fall back.

Mourinho’s commanding ability on the pitch is indeed beyond doubt. When the team is passive, he can quickly adjust to make the team a threat on the offensive end. Mourinho’s inspiration can lead players to achieve great results on the pitch. The countdown continued until Belotti joined Roma. His arrival will certainly give Roma a deeper roster. I hope that when Belotti wears the AS Roma Team Soccer jersey, he can use the same new gear. Dybala worked silently, taking Roma to a higher level.

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