The 45th Golden Globe winner Benzema

This year’s Golden Globe has no sense of tension and no doubts about fans. Former Real Madrid coach Zidane announced the Golden Globe winner Carim Benzema, and Benzema also sent a blessing to the Golden Globe winner. Carim Benzema was wearing glasses and formal clothes, but the fans of the St. Dieg Bernabeu Stadium still reminded him of his Donyxa 9 jersey.danmark fodboldtrøje

At the Golden Globe Award in 2022, Carim Benzema won the award for the first time. There are many excellent active players and famous football legends on the stage, which gives warm applause to the Benzema Award. Carim Benzema is worthy of the Golden Globe, and he performed very well last season. Although he and his teammate Lucomodrick were not young, they played an important role in helping Real Madrid win the European Champions League and the La Liga.

Carim Benze played 46 times for Real Madrid in the season, scored 44 goals, and gave 15 assists. He eventually won the highest award with his own strength, while his teammate Tibo Kuruva won the best goalkeeper award. Although Robert Ledan Dorvsky bid farewell to Bayern Munich’s jersey, he also won the Gadmuller Award in 2022 and won the French Football Best Positive Award.Manchester United Tredje Trøjer 2022

When Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo monopolized the Golden Globe, Luka Modric (32 years old) won the Golden Globe Award in 2018. If the Golden Globe Award is not canceled in 2020, 32 -year -old Robert Ledan Dorvsky is the best candidate for winning. Carim Benzema (34 years old) won the first prize. Who will be next year?

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