The Different Fate of Kyler Murray and Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson’s extension was brought up again when Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray was offered a huge contract. At present, many players have renewed their contracts, and the new season schedule has begun, but Lamar Jackson did not wait for the renewal. In an interview with reporters, Lamar Jackson only said: He loves football, no matter how long it will last. Football is more important than anything else, and he wants to be able to do whatever he wants in a Baltimore Ravens jersey.

The topic of a contract extension has plagued Lamar Jackson, but the Baltimore Ravens would not comment. Everyone has a feeling that the Baltimore Ravens are only using Lamar Jackson as a backup right now, and they’re only using that player until the team finds the right quarterback. All of those quarterbacks have received contract extensions this year, and now Lamar Jackson hasn’t signed. Kyler Murray isn’t as good as Lamar Jackson, so why is he so important to the team?

In light of various events, Lamar Jackson’s heart has also changed a lot. This time, Lamar Jackson’s heart was about to break when he saw his buddy Kyler Murray in an Arizona Cardinals jersey gleefully sign a big, high-paying contract. Why Lamar Jackson is not being treated fairly for the same effort. Lamar Jackson suddenly remembered the career of his predecessor Cam Newton. He doesn’t know what will happen to him in the future?

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