Warriors face a choice conundrum

The NBA free market has been in chaos again in recent days, and the source is still Durant, who is seeking a trade.

After forcing Cai Chongxin for the second time, Durant identified the next home he wanted to go to. He hoped to go to Philadelphia to join forces with Harden. This news aroused everyone’s discussion and attention.Manchester City home jersey

The Warriors don’t plan to renew their max salary to pursue their dreams, and the latter is willing to explore getting max salary from other teams. This was previously reported by the US media after Green asked for a maximum salary extension.

According to reports, Dream Chaser Green is exploring a max contract with the Warriors or other teams, and Green’s hometown team, the Detroit Pistons, is also a team he has been eager to join.Nice looking jersey 2022

The Warriors are currently facing contract renewal dilemmas. Everyone knows that the team’s Poole and Wiggins are facing contract renewal problems. Warriors owner Lacobudona publicly stated that this will be a difficult choice, and the team is likely to be in Choose between the two and leave only one person.

In addition to only being able to choose one of the two, someone who chooses a salary cut is the best choice for the Warriors to keep the complete lineup. As a veteran dream chaser, and Klay himself has become the player in everyone’s heart who is suitable for sacrificing himself for the team and choosing a salary cut. But Green’s pursuit of a max salary shattered the fandom.

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